Often when we hear familiar sounds it can easily transport us to particular moment in our life triggering a whole set of emotions at that time.
Both music and sound effects alike have been used for many years in any form of medium that communicates audibly to the mass audience e.g. film, radio etc. For example, even if the audience does not recognise the impact the dread sound in the ‘Jaws’ movies or the whistle of MacDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ has on their emotions, the sound has been specifically created for this purpose, otherwise known as sound design.
However, when we talk about graphic design how often do we think of sound as being part of that design.
The simple truth is sound is an highly effective tool to use within graphic design especially in reinforcing the impact of a designed message for the intended audience.
Click on the four sound examples below. How does it make you feel?

Sound 1

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

Even though each sound example is varied, individually the sounds have been carefully designed to suit the audience or setting. It is also insightful to see how the key components, tone, rhythm, style etc, are utilised to achieve the right emotional impact from the audience and is an important factor to consider when creating sound for any of my promotional materials.
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