Icons are used to convey a clear message to the audience and helps to build a consistent brand identity. 
This task set out to create a narrative visual journey focusing on my passion for design as a graphic designer.
The task enabled me to reflect on what I generally do on my design days and to translate that into simple iconic images that would convey my day effectively.

List of daily activities that contains me

Testing icon design ideas 

Through this task I aimed to tell a story through my chosen style of icons using line drawings to create a variety of fairly conventional structures for the visual message.  The aim was for each icon to communicate the task or activity in my daily life with designs representing a literal interpretation of the ‘draw the line’ idea from my previous branding concept. 
As an icon is a simplified illustration that communicates quickly (Hembree, 2006) my icons were designed to be functional and intuitive so that viewers could interpret the intended message.
I learnt a lot from this activity especially the significance of objects and themes in storytelling. 
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