Finding a solution to a problem is key to good design.
Through previous research, defining my target audience and further refinement of the definitive brief I established that the most effective medium to resolve the problem would be to design an app, the following information below is a snapshot of the processes involved in developing the app concept.
Research design inspiration - possible app layout style Stem 4 App for teenagers, a support in  mental health issues- clean, simple, clear and easy to navigate

Research design inspiration - logo/brand styles typically used  for target audience marketing

App Moodboard

Brand development

In looking for inspiration, I found myself attracted to styles that were similar to my ‘Creatively Designed’ brand. As the product idea is something in relation to the brand ethos, I decided to incorporate the ‘Creatively Designed’ branding into the colours, logo style and type. 
I narrowed the branding name to three options and asked the target audience (in this case my daughters) what each word represented to them. 
Their descriptions are in script type:
   1.   Creatively Designed - “being designed by a designer”, “creating a design”
   2.  The way (To / 2 purpose and identity) - “giving a solution to a problem”, “showing the direction of where to go”
   3.  (Your purpose and identity) Made known - “becoming famous”, “being made famous/popular”
This helped narrow down the brand name further and felt that number 2 captured more of the project idea.

Logo development: symbol association for possible icon image

Sketching ideas: possible logo designs collected and adapted from images found in research

Refined sketch

Throughout this process, although the created logo covers in some way the project idea, I felt that further collaboration with the target audience would help me produce a more succinct brand that is even more focused on the target audience.
My aim will be to test the logo concept and include it with the App review to give opportunity for the audience to share in the concept design allowing them to suggest images that they feel captures the concept better. This will help them to visualise the concept and develop the user experience.
The UX process

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people.” (Dieter Ram,1976)
UX is a key factor to incorporate into my design process as it looks at the user's needs and aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. In addition, it helps me, as a designer, to experience and define the user's journey throughout the app. Below is a snapshot this process:

App User journey: Created to help me think through the process for developing the  App

Draft User Flow: (Awesome Design School - ADS)

Wireframe: User Centred Experience     Click here to see wireframe interactions

Wireframe - High fidelity - Design style 1

Taking on board feedback from the target audience regarding design, I applied various options to enhance the user experience.
UX - The target audience can create their own visual style making it more personal to the individual and more accessible to the whole audience’s taste.
These series of experiments have highlighted the many possibilities involved in app design and that the set design standard may not be the most practical, accessible or aesthetically applicable to the project idea.
Based on this I choose to continue testing on the target audience for more detailed feedback and possible direction for the app design to take.

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