Identity and purpose are an important concern for many 18 - 30 year olds. Society’s disapproval and perception disconnects them from the reality of whom they really are and fuels the misconception of God’s purpose and identity for them.
Through research using a sample target audience, the problem and perceptions identified were as follows:
However, through my project idea it is expected to alter these perceptions in the following way:
The exercise helped me to reflect on the proposed main ways my project aimed to alter perception:
- To understand that a relationship with God is amazing, loving and transformational.
- To incorporate relatable personal stories of transformation
- To connect the individual with someone who has experienced their situation/trauma
- To provide a mentoring/support lifeline
- To interactively (e.g. images, video, audio, VR or AR) provide a process for individual to work through at their own pace - a chosen area (identity, joy, purpose etc.) that the individual may be struggling with to bring freedom from that thought pattern or way of living/believing.
- To provide an understanding about faulty beliefs 
- To provide an understanding about personalised truths
- To apply new learned truths to life
- To equip on how to continue applying the new learnt tools of renewing the mind based on the truths
- To learn how to discern their purpose and identity
- To equip with tools on how to fulfil their purpose
- To help support others
To achieve this, I felt that a mobile application was the best medium to deliver the project idea through. In order to develop the app, I chose to research into the types of applications available for the target group and the potential competitors in the market culminating a final SWOT analysis of the project idea.
Below is a snapshot of this process:

Competitors - Research of current top Apps linked with identity, purpose  and joy

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