This is personal
For most of my early years, I felt insecure, lost and directionless. I spent most of my life seeking to be perfect in things but failing miserably. My goal was to be an army nurse but little did I know God had greater plans for me. 
After many years of feeling insignificant and purposeless to a discovery of hope and purpose, the Creatively Designed brand was established utilising God given skills and gifts for the benefit of others.
Being Creatively Designed is about seeing an individual or organisation come into who they are designed to be and to showcase that to the world. 

My Passion - Seeing many people’s lives transformed is what drives more
Keeping it Brief! - I read somewhere that great creative projects start with a great design more
Who's the Target? - Identifying the audience can make the difference between a successful design and an unsuccessful one more
What's the Problem? - Identity and purpose is an important concern for many 18 -30 year more
The Solution - Finding a solution to a problem is key to good more
Pitch up! - Watch the project idea pitch
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